Homemade Sea Salt Spray

In the mood for beach waves that last and have no idea where to start? Give your hair a boost with a homemade sea salt spray. This is how you know the ingredients are all natural and you hair remain healthy and wavy.

So let us see how you can achieve a great sea salt spray at home. You might want to have for this recipe the flowing items:

Five Steps to Homemade Sea Salt Spray

Step 1. Make an infusion from the herb tea with hot water and after 3 minutes you can pass it through a sieve into a new cup.
Step 2. Let your tea get cold for 5 minutes and then add the sea salt. Stir it up until the sea salt is dissolved entirely.
Step 3. Add the conditioner into your cup with tea and sea salt. Stir it up until is completely dissolved.
Step 4. You can pour few drops of that rose oil for extra hair care.
Step 5. Now is time to put the liquid you have obtained into the spray bottle. Keep it in the fridge for the next four weeks.

For those of you ladies, who do not trust homemade products and still want an organic “ocean in a bottle”, you can’t find any better than these:

Enjoy your summer and dare to be amazing!