Biotherm Liquid Glow

I really need to confess my lately discovering. Recently, I start using a new oil for my skin. At first, I thought that is like any other skin oils I use, but actually, I do not know what is happening I have started to use it all the time with any occasion and for any purpose. Could be oil addiction?

Every time I use it, my skin feels extremely soft and looks radiant. I really like the feel of it and it smells delightful. This oil is amazing and because I use it so often, in so many different ways, I will tell you all about it. I would also like to mention that the main ingredient of the Liquid Glow is Astaxanthin extracted from algae, which is superior to Vitamin E. It forms a protective membrane on a surface maintaining skin moisture balance.

How to use Biotherm Liquid Glow

Intensive Skincare

I usually pour some drops into my morning moisturizer, so I could have the best from the both worlds. That increases the care effect and ensures a glowing skin trough out the day.

Makeup Remover

I first discovered this when I ran out of my cleansing milk and as extreme option I used the Liquid Glow, which it led to a habit. You only need to put some drops on a cotton pad and clean your face, as you would normally do with your cleansing milk. You will discover that is great to remove your eyelash glue, too.

Calm Chapped Lips

Biotherm Liquid GlowI do not know about you girls but I have this problem with my lips, even when is hot outside my lips are chapped sometimes. That is definitely crazy, but this super oil is good for everything, so I use it for my lips too. I apply on my lips just a thin layer of Liquid Glow and my lips are like new.

Style the Eyebrows

Another wonderful thing this oil can do is helping you style your eyebrows. With a little bit of oil on your fingers touch your eyebrows. Then comb them with a spiral brush towards the outside corner of your eye.



Scrub Time

If you want a baby skin, Liquid Glow can really help you on that. Mix together bath salt or coffee grounds and some drops of L.G. and scrub your skin with it. Let it act for 5 minutes and then thoroughly rinse.

Pimp your Body Lotion

For intensive skincare, you can add few drops into your body lotion. You can achieve great results if you massage your skin while it is still damp.

Facial Massage

Biotherm liquid glowMassage your face in the evening with few drops of Liquid Glow instead your night cream. For a detoxifying effect, you can leave it over night.

Calm your Hair Tips

With few drops of oil on your fingers, twirl thin strands of hair between them.

Maintain Cuticles

No matter how beautiful your nails are, dry cuticles always seem unkempt. Therefore, you may want to use Liquid Glow at least once a week by massaging your nails and cuticles.


Are you wondering if Biotherm Liquid Glow deserves your attention? With so many uses I have no doubt that should be no.1 product in your beauty bag.