Rotating Hot Air Brushes

Probably when you hear about rotating hot air  brushes it may not sound so important. You already have a tons of hair products and tools and yet another one… what for? Let us tell you that every hair tool is designed for a particular problem we have with our hair. There is no hair tool that can resolve all our problems at once.

If you don’t like to spend much time on your hair but still want it to look good, a rotating hot air brush is all you ever want it. After you start using a rotating hair brush, you will never want to try another hair tool.

Just a few things about rotating hot air brushes

Rotating hot air brushes are regular round shape brushes that emit heat while working and rotate in the direction you want, leaving hair smoother, shinier, healthier and with more volume.

You cannot use the rotating hot air brush instead of your regular blow dryer. For better result before using it you need to dry your hair until is 70-80% dried.

Features to look for when buying a rotating hot air brushes

As well as Curling Irons and Wands there are some aspects to consider before buying a rotating hot air brush:

  • Barrel size and type. When choosing a rotating hot air brush you should know that for long hair you will need a bigger barrel and for short-medium length of hair you need a smaller barrel.
  • Heat settings control.  It is imperative to adjust the heat setting based on your hair structure; if the brush has this feature there is no way to ruin your hair.
  • Bristles. The bristle need to be good quality and gentle to your hair, not very soft and neither hard to your hair.

The look you can achieve with a rotating hot air brushes

A rotating hot air brush is amazing for an elegant look and an impeccable hairstyle; it gives the hair a smoother, shinier and a healthier look.

It is perfect for curling and wavy hair – using a large brush, you can get a nice and smoother straight hair.  Also, if you have short hair you need the barrel size less than 1 inch to get some results. For a fine and straight hair there is not much you can do with a rotating hair brush, adding just some volume.

We’ve made a list of rotating hot air brushes under $60. So when thinking of buying one you know exactly what to choose. We know that what you pay is what you get, so we’ve looked for you just the best rotating hair brushes.

Rotating Hot Air Brushes under $60

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium 2″ Rotating Hot Air Brush

The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 2″ Rotating Hot Air Brush is a perfect hair tool for professional styling results at home. The brush is made of nano titanium ceramic technology which provides even heat distribution for best results. The ionic generator and anti static bristles reduce frizz for a brilliant shine. The 2 inch barrel rotates forward and backward at the push of a button. It has 3 heat settings (low, high and cool), a 9 inch swivel cord and comes with 1 year warranty, but you need to register your product online.

Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler

Conair Spin Air Rotating Styles is a great rotating hot air brush in terms of price and quality.  It is designed to work in the same manner as any rotating hot air brush giving you the professional results at home. It is also made of ceramic technology and comes with 3 heat settings (low, high and cool). The 2 inch barrel is more suitable for long and medium hair than short hair and rotates itself forward and backward. The bristles are very soft and come up with a head cover to prevent them to bend.

Hot Air Brushes with no rotating barrel

Below are some good quality hot air brushes with no rotating barrel which you can use just like the rotating ones. The results are great but with a little bit of an effort.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

John Frieda hot Air Brush is another amazing hair tool that gives you professional results. This brush is perfect for short to medium hair length due to 1.5 inch barrel size. The ceramic coating on the styling tool is a fusion of titanium and ceramic that evenly distributes heat to gently style and protect hair from damaging hot spots. It comes with 3 heat settings (low, high and cool). As we have mentioned earlier it doesn’t have a rotating barrel, so you just need to do the work by yourself.

Salon Edition 1″ Tangle-free Hot Air Brush

Salon Edition 1″ Tangle-free Hot Air Brush is a hot air brush with no rotating barrel. It is suitable for short to medium hair due to 1.5 inch barrel size. All the work needs to be manual; it doesn’t have the rotating features but you still get great results.  It helps to get a smoother and shiny hair but not much of volume. Overall it is an efficient product in terms of price and quality.