Cold Season Boho Hairstyle

Now that you are really stuck into your old business (job and daily routine) and your time is short, there is no doubt your hair need more attention, at least the attention it already received all summer long. I know for sure, your hair is craving for those stylish looks and so do you.

In order to bring back your summer mood and your hairstyle you have got used to it all summer long, you probably might need the help of a friend, and by friend, I mean a curling iron. This is why we have prepared a list with the curling irons, which will help you to create endless boho hairstyles. With braids and soft curling tresses, you will own the cold season.

Cold Season Boho Hairstyle

With all the cold out there a boho hairstyle could warm up your day and your spirit too. For a boho hairstyle, you need soft braids and curls. First thing first, is important to know what curling iron you need, so just remember:

  • For tight curls, you will need a small barrel and small section of the hair
  • For defined slightly loosened curls, you need a medium sized barrel
  • For loose waves or big curls you most definitely need a large barrel and as well as large sections of hair
  • Curling iron creates a more ringlet effect while a wand gives more of a wavy look.
  • The beauty of a boho hairstyle is that you do not need perfect and uniform curls
  • There are also some interesting styling hair tools that you will definitely love them. We are talking about spiral curling and bubbles irons that can help you create amazing hairstyles.

So here are our choices

HSI Professional Curling Iron Set

cold season boho styleHSI Professional Curling Iron Set it is an amazing curling wand. The beauty of this product is in interchangeable barrels, and the process is very easy – with just one click of two buttons and you are ready to get the barrel’s next level. Being able to make dif-ferent size curls, you automatically can have endless hairstyle. The barrels are made of ceramic tourmaline that provides a soft and shiny hair curls and also assure even heat distribution. It has also an adjustable temperature, which goes up to 450 degrees F.


Revlon Curl Collection Bubble Curling Wand

Cold season boho hairstyleThis Bubble wand is perfect for spiral curling and whimsical waves and of course you can mix them both in the same curling process. It will take some time before you get used to it but the results will be astonishing if you are looking for a natural look. The barrel is made of ceramic for even heat distribution to prevent damaging hot spots. You can choose the heat setting you want up to 430 degrees F. It really gets hot quickly and it takes up to 10 seconds to set a curl.





BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

cold season boho hairstyleClamp curling irons are perfect for an elegant look because of their straight barrel that create evenly curls from the roots until the ends. This titanium barrel of 1.5 inches heats up quickly enough and creates beautiful large curls and the barrel provides even heat distribution. This curling iron is perfect if you look for the curls that do not have lasting strength. It has 50 heat settings, which makes it suitable for any hair type. The heat goes up to 450 degrees F.

Put your imagination to work, dare to be bold, create the craziest waves and this cold season, try boho hairstyle again!