Best Hair Tools from Your Favorite Brands

Your hair is a mess and frankly, nothing seems to tame it. You probably think you need a new dryer, a new haircut, anything just to end with this problem. Whatever is the reason of your untamed hair probably is not a bad idea to purchase new hair dryer or curling iron. If you insist to get new toys for your hair, you might want to see first what your favorite hair brands came up with lately.

One more thing before we get into the story. If your hair dryer, flat or curling iron are more than two years old, you might want seriously think to replace them. New styling tolls generation are coming after a lot of time of research and development in order to minimize the risks of damage your hair and maximize it’s real beauty.

Best Hair Tools from Your Favorite Brands

BioIonic. What do you say about a styling tool that actually gives your hair a hydrating treatment while does its job? BioIonic has created Agave Healing Vapor Iron, a flat iron that protects and moisturizes your hair while it straightens. It has a built-in oil cartridge, which can be refilled in anytime. Infrared heat energy from the “nanoionic” iron plates help seal in the moisture and conditioning from agave healing infusion, helping to eliminate frizz and heal split ends. Although the price is a little bit hot, you should at least take a look at.

Beaute Ultrasonic and their Hair Repair Iron. I know you are already familiar with what the light can do for your skin, but try this on your hair. What? Yes, The Hair Repair Iron combines the action of Ultrasonic vibrations and Infrared lights, with no heat. If you have damaged hair this is your real alternative for repairing it. Are you intrigued?

Croc has the most advance technology in hair appliances has several interesting hair tools collections you might want to see before going to buy some new toys. The hair appliances collection we found very intriguing is The Green Ion Collection which include a Hair Dryer, a Flat Iron and a Ultrasonic Iron that is perfect for reconditioning and reconstructing, dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. The ultrasonic vibration breaks down the larger molecular structures of conditioners and/or treatment products for ultimate absorption. Practically, is a hair device tool that reconstructs the hair’s inner cortex layer. Built-in ionizer hair tools make them perfect to achieve any hairstyle you want. However, it is a catch here they are excessively expensive.

Let’s see what a Conair was up to. Their new hair dryer called Conair 3Q Hair Dryer that stand from Quick, Quiet & Quality; exactly what it promises to deliver. A quick dried hair, with up to 40% less noise (which is good for your boyfriend, if he doesn’t like the sound) and a power motor that is built to last longer that most of hair dryer on the market. It definitely deserve a “dry test”.

Style, treat and repair at the same time? Corioliss5K can do that for your hair. A professional treatment iron that infuses either keratin or Argan oil directly to your hair during your styling routine. If you want a flat iron that also treats your hair and style, you could not ask for more than 5K from Corioliss.

If you want volume and body for your hair, the Cloud Nine has the perfect styling tool for you. It is called “The O”, a hair rollers set that heat up in less than 4 seconds thanks to the unique induction technology. A complete 12 rollers set, available in three sizes make your styling options limitless but it is also quite expensive.

FHI Stylus – Thermal Styling Brush it is quite simple to use and allows you to create multiple hairstyles, from elegant hairstyles with body and volume to curls and swingy flips, you name it. However, the best part of this hair tool is that you can restyle your hair between washings.

Best Hair Tools from Your Favorite BrandsThe ghd came up last year with a brand new technology and hair styling tool. The new ghd Eclipse has a new tech that is called tri-zone technology, which practically uses six quick-thinking sensors (three on each plate) to ensure an ideal and constant temperature allowing you to create multiple styles. Impressed? We certainly are.

If you are in the market for a hair roller system, Paul Mitchell has one especially designed for you and it is called Neuro Cell Hot Roller System. You can use this system despite of your hair type and texture. It has temperature settings for each type of hair (fine, course and between those two), feature that you won’t find on any other hot roller system. You can create frizz-free curls, waves or add volume to your hair very easily and very quickly.

It is very important to understand what face shape you have, in order to adopt the hairstyle that fits you. In this manner, you will know what hair tool you need the most and avoid spending on items you do not need. For some women a good hair dryer it is enough to achieve the desired hairstyle, but for majority (including me), it is simply not enough.