After Summer Hair Care Treatment

You are probably not aware of the condition your hair is after a long sun exposure, salty and chlorine water. With all the fun out there, I am sure you did not give a thought about it, but I do hope your focus was on your skin. I really do hope you used the proper sunscreen for your skin.

Let us back to our subject: your hair. I have decided to write about this particular subject due to the issues I had this summer. I do not know if it is your case too, but I could not get along with my hair at all. I have really confronted with an issue that I have never thought I would: dandruff and dehydrate scalp.

I looked for a natural solution for my problem and I finally find it. Within a month, my hair was back to normal and it looked even healthier and softer than before. And if you allow me I can share with you the natural solution it really worked for me. You only need Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, and your regular shampoo of course.

Your three steps after summer hair care treatment

First Step

Before you wash your hair, as you normally would, apply on your tresses and scalp a mixture made of three parts olive oil and one part coconut oil. The quantity of your mixture depends on your hair length (in my case – long hair, just below the shoulders, an espresso cup it is enough). I have discovered that olive oil hydrate better the scalp while the coconut oil hydrate better the tresses. All you have to do right now is to let your hair to soak all the oil you have applied. An hour is just enough.

Second Step

After an hour waiting, is time to wash your hair, as you normally would. I did not change my shampoo during this trial time. The only thing I was doing different is that I washed my hair with very hot water and I shampoo my hair three times. At the end, I was using hair conditioner.

Third Step

After I blow-dry my hair and it is 80% dry, I use a few drops of Argan Oil to my ens in order to prevent splits ends. Just 3 to 4 drops are enough to give the moisture into your tresses.

To get real results from this solution you might need to apply this mask once a week, at least a month. After this treatment, your hair will be back to its real beauty. I would like to mention that this solution might not work for greasy hair. My hair is coarse, thick and almost normal.

In addition, I prepared for you several tips you should consider every summer from now on – in case you do not have the problems I have already mentioned.

So, here are the best hair tips for your hair

  • Use anti-humidity sprays or dry shampoos to stay cool. If you have dark hair, use dry shampoo for brown hair. Try to find a good product otherwise you risk to get dandruff. You might want to take a look at organic dray shampoos – Skinnyskinny Organic Dry Shampoo
  • Avoid using heat styling, but if it is too difficult for you to stay away from your blow dryer or curling iron, you will definitely need to use a heat protector every time you are going to use them. Here, you can check out the best heat protector spray.
  • During hot season your hair need a trim more often than usual in order to prevent long term damage. Once a month you could try to cut your split ends.
  • Use a thermal protector every time you are going to the beach or going to swim. If you want to know more about how can you prevent chlorine damage, then click here.
  • I encourage all the ladies with colored tresses to wait until fall before they are going to freshen up their hair color, because sun’s rays are still strong and fade the color. In the meanwhile, you can use a color enhancing shampoo or conditioner.


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