Professional Pedicure at Home

I guess you know what time is it. It is time to get your pedicure done. Give it up of all your sneakers and boots, because your glamorous sexy high heels and flip–flops must be worn this summer.
You are probably feeling awkward that you still need to train your body in order to get a bikini shape. Who cares? Your nails should be perfect that is all it matters. We have the right steps for you to follow in order to get a professional pedicure at home. So we better get started, summer is waiting.

Six Steps for a professional pedicure at home

Foot Soak

Before starting your pedicure, you most definitely need to bath your feet. The bath is not only refreshing and invigorating, but it helps to remove skin fat and corns easily, more over your toes nails become soft and easily to work with. You can add in the warm water few drops of Lavender Essential Oil or just baby oil and keep your feet in water around 15 minutes.

Exfoliate Feet

Lift your foot from the foot bath and gently pat dry. Now you are ready to apply your exfoliating lotion, to the foot and on the lower legs in an upward circular massaging motion. After you have done applying the scrub, put your foot back into the bath to rinse. Once the scrub is removed, dry your feet thoroughly.

Remove Callus

If necessary, remove your calluses with sand or even gentler with a glass file. For the rough sport of callus on heel and ball, you may want to use a hard file or a special device like Emjoi Micro-Pedi. You need to remember though that the heels always hone towards toes and not vice versa and do not file back and forth either.
If you like how Clarisonic works you need to know that they have a special device for pedicure called “Clarisonic Pedi” – just take look at. It is amazing!

Shape your Nails

You need to cut your nails in a shape that mirrors the natural shape of your nails bed and keep them as short as you can. Use a file to work with details and try to move it in just one direction to prevent splitting.

Clean Cuticles

Cutting or pushing back your cuticles? Now you have to decide which way you go. If you have not cut them before it is not time to do it now, let a professional do that. Although, it is better for your nail’s health just to push them back. Apply first a cuticle cream or cuticle oil, push them back with an orange stick or cuticle file and they will thank you later.

Paint Your Nails

Before you start painting your nails be sure there is no grease on your nails. For painting your nails, you will need Base Coat, Color Nail Polish and Top Coat. The base coat makes the difference when doing your pedicure at home. It helps your polish better adhere to your nail and prevents them from yellowing. Apply then the desired colored lacquer in two coats. Finish this beauty routine with a clear top coat for adding shine and let it dry completely. To speed up the drying process you might want to use Drip Dry Nail Polish Quick Dry Lacquer.

The last step you will need to do is maintenance. It will be great if you can apply a feet cream every day. If you need an intensive care for your feet, before you go to sleep apply a greasy cream and put your feet into cotton socks, leave on overnight.