Spring’s Colors in Your Makeup Bag

Spring is already here and brings with it the most wonderful colours your eyes can see, after a long time of grey shades and endless white. I now you have so much joy in your soul when you feel the warm wind getting close in your lives, bringing gradually the endless summer back.

But it is always a quicker way to keep spring into your live, and you as a woman actually can do that. How? The answer is quite simple: through your daily makeup. Not sure that is going to work? You should give a try to see the results. New fresh colors are ready to get into your makeup bag this spring. Just take a look at some of the goodies we’ve prepared for you. From cherry red, to baby pink or cool blue, you have a lot of decision to make.

Let’s see the spring’s colors in your makeup bag

Cherry Red

Spring’s Colors in Your Makeup Bag

If you think a little bit, red was always the color of passion and will definitely make you fall in love with yourself and life again. Bring the red color on your lips and nails, or if you are bold enough you can even try a red eyeshadow.

Nail lacquers – by Clinique, a little color on your skin from Dior – Dior Cheek & Lip Glow , pearls blush by GUERLAIN – Meteorites Perles, Limited Edition, Shiseido, Veiled Rouge Lipstick, Smashbox BE LEGENDARY LONG-WEAR LIP LACQUER or MAC Lip Pencil lip liner HALF RED, all of them in red color, you most definitely should own them.

Soft Pink

I don’t know why, we girls have a passion for pink, at least I do. I do not know how I do it, but every single season I buy something pink, a blush, a nail lacquer or eyeshadow. That pink color that is so close with orchid it will look amazing with brown eyes. So let’s see some pink goodies!

Lip gloss – Clarins, Shine Lip Gloss – Raspberry and if you would like a baby pink color you should try this Clarins Joli Rouge Long – Baby Pink. It has such a soft baby pink color that you might want to wear it all the time. You will just fall in love with it. Moreover, you would like to check Smashbox O Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss, too.
If you want to go with a strong pink color on your eyes you should try a fuchsia color, and Milani – Must Have Fuchsia has the right color for you.
Let’s see what else you should need for a complete pink look. Ooo! The Powder Blush in a soft pink shade that gives a fresh look to your makeup, even if you don’t go totally pink.
Your nails should enjoy the lovely color of pink too. Either you should go for a pink pastel color like this OPI – Think In Pink, or you could go for a darker shade of pink from Sally Hansen – Back to the Fucshia.

Super Cool Blue


We could not end this up without the most vibrant color of the season – “the super cool blue”. Just imagine this color around your eyes, replacing the old classy black eyeliner, and of course, you can use them both together to get a super contrast. Whatever shade you want to use, from baby blue to darkest shades of blue, your makeup will look amazing and guess what, you probably may “impress” someone. Dare to go your way!

This bold color you cannot actually wear it on your lips, unless you are Rihanna. Blue colour it will also look amazing on your short cut nails. When talking about your eyes instead, the sky is the limit. You can contour your eyes no matter the color of your iris.

You can find many blue nail lacquers on the market, but this blue nail lacquer by Essie – Blues, Butler Please, we just love it.
Eyeshadow palette is so developed nowadays that it is actually hard to find the right shade, but you should give a try to these colors:

If you do not like so much wearing blue eyeshadow, you will just love coloured eyeliner in shades of blue. These eyeliners are completely amazing. Just take a look at these goodies. blinc Liquid Eyeliner – Blue, this NARS Eye Paint – Ubangi or even you can try a turquoise color like Lancome Le Stylo – Turquoise, is the perfect product.

After all these amazing and beautiful colors, I am positive you will have a spring just as colorful as your heart is. Enjoy the new season and put the spring’s colors in your makeup bag, you will definitely enjoy that.