Little Makeup Guide

Probably you know and tried everything when talking about makeup and beauty, but whatever makeup you might want to try on, either extravagant or you always looking for something new, there are some basics you might want to consider. We have put together few tips that we have learned alone or we have just stolen from the make-up artist we have interacted with. After you master all these tiny details you will find in this little makeup guide, your makeup will be flawless. So, here it is your…

Little Makeup Guide


Little Makeup GuideThe color of your foundation must be right but unfortunately, most women fail in finding the right one. If you find yourself in the situation, you probably need to seek advice from a professional to see your skin complexion, which could be reddish, yellowish or olive color. You always need to test the foundation on the decolletage and in daylight (not in the store’s light).

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Little Makeup GuideDepending on the location where you need to use it, the concealer must have different texture. Dark eye shadows disappear under a concealer with reflective pigments, it should be a tone brighter than your skin complexion. For nose, redness and blemishes, you need a concealer with good coverage that meets the skin tone, too bright shade emphasizes small blemish and highlights. The right technique to apply the concealer is to press the texture and gently pat on.

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Eye Brows

Little Makeup GuideToo long eyebrows look unnatural; in addition, the shorts one make the eye look smaller. Comb dense eyebrows in shape, you can tame stubborn hairs with a brow gel. Tweeze and trim is optional and we hardly recommend to see a specialist for this matter, wrong trimming can really ruin your look. Also, you can work your eyebrows with a matte eye-shadow in the color of the eyebrows and a small angled brush. Remember, never use black color if you are a brunette.

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Eye Liner

Little Makeup GuideIf you have big eyes you can use eyeliner on both of your eyelids and sometime a smudge line goes perfectly, but if you are a happy owner of a small eyes, you should consider wearing eyeliner only on your upper lid and try a fine line too. And, please never just draw a strong line, which runs the entire face optically down, so move the line thicker toward the top. The best way you can draw the line is when you start in the middle of your lid and work outward. Beginners should start with a pen eyeliner, professionals can work with liquid eyeliner.

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Little Makeup GuideWith blush, you can contour your face as you like, you can optically hide your dark sports of your face. For beginners, the powder blush is easier to use because of large area to apply and the best brush to use is a angled brush. Start with the brush at the temple and go down to the middle of the cheek, practically you need to draw a large three, which is open to the face and the center bar is located under the cheekbone. Repeat on the other side of the face too.

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Lip Liner

Little Makeup GuideOne of the biggest makeup disasters is too dominant lip liner as it was in the ‘90. The basic rule is that the lip liner should be the same color as the lipstick. If you can’t find a lip liner to match up with your lipstick than you can go with a tone lighter, in no case darker.

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Little Makeup GuideRed, matte pink, orange and trendy nude acts only as long as they are applied perfectly. Therefore, first make a lip scrub or rub with a toothbrush on the lips, then apply a clear lip balm. After applying the favorite color, compress the lips with a tissue in order to remove the excess. For the nude look, select a reddish color lipstick and never choose a shade similar to the color of the foundation. That’s too pale. If you want to find more about lipsticks and skin tones, check this up:The best lipstick for your skin tone!

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You now have all the tricks to create the perfect makeup! Dare to look good!