Beauty Routine for Sensitive Skin

I know that I am not the only one person that has sensitive skin; more and more women are facing with this type of skin, too. That is why I want you to share my beauty routine with you. Actually, I would like tell you all about the products that really helped me to keep my skin looking good. Curious to know what am I talking about? Read the line below and find out all about my beauty routine for sensitive skin.

How can you tell that you have sensitive skin?

Honestly, I am not a cosmetician so I will just describe my issues that I have with my skin. If you have just few of the symptoms, it doesn’t mean that you have sensitive skin. You need to understand your skin as better as you can, so it will be better to consult a specialist to see exactly what type of skin you “wearing” in order to act accordingly.

My facial skin was and it is from time to time:

  • Scaly, rough patches on the skin
  • Taut and itchy skin
  • Sometimes I have small red bumps that itch

Somehow, with Avene products, I can keep my skin under control and once you get your sensitive skin, due to so many factors, you will stick with it for life.

But even if I try to use products that are very gentle to my skin, my beauty secret is that I do not wash my face with water, or use products that need water to clean my face, excepting two times per week when I do a soft exfoliation with Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub.

Here is my beauty routine for sensitive skin

Cleaning the face. I usually use Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser to remove my makeup and cleaning my face every day, twice per day. But during summer season, I use something lighter and gentle like Lotion Nettoyante – paraben-free, that does let my skin moisture and a really do feel it cleaned up. The next step in my cleaning routine is Avene Micellar Lotion, which helps me clean all that makeup left on my face. Its formula it is also gentle to the skin leaving it very soft and hydrated.

Hydrating the skin. At this step I need to tell you that I already use soft anti aging cream (at a certain point you need to started this, as much as sad it sound). So I am talking about Avene Ystheal+ Creamfor face and eyes. Is a preventative anti-aging emulsion that diminish the appearance of fine lines and help stop future signs of aging, it’s texture absorbs quickly into the skin. However, at this point, I am not using it daily, instead four times per week.

Once a week I use Avene Skin Recovery Cream, which is the only cream I found that moisturize while calming irritation. My skin really feels great after such treatment.

Daily I use Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream, before I put my make up in the morning; during all day my skin is moisturized and hydrated without looking oily.

Exfoliate the skin. As I have already mention before, I do scrub my face with the most gentle scrub I ever found – Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub, which I use it twice per week. The mild gel texture contains non-abrasive micro-spheres that exfoliate skin so delicately that you do not even realize you are scrubbing your face. The skin looks bright and clear, as there never was imperfection on it. This process I combine with a mask like Avene Soothing Moisture Mask, which provides intensive soothing care and its formula penetrate the skin deeply leaving it hydrated and radiant.

In addition, the star of all stars is Thermal Spring Water, of course. I have to confess that during summer I use no more than two big bottles. For me is just amazing, to keep my skin hydrated without feeling it oily during hot summer season.

I would like to mention that if a product works great on you it doesn’t suppose to work the same on your friend’s sensitive skin. If you have products that work great and do a wonderful job, it is wiser not to change them yet. Until your skin get to use to a new products it takes time and you will probably see the no desirable results on your face.

I know from my experience that a good beauty program is costly, but it definitely worth the hazel. Your face is your visit card so do your best to keep it in a good shape. It will thank you later, and you will feel great showing up your pretty face. Invest in your beauty!